About Us
From a bipod swivel to custom rifles.

The Upriser Arms story

Upriser Arms started in 2011 when Ed Wood, a firearm and shooting sports enthusiast, designed and manufactured a low profile bipod swivel that was unlike anything out there. With success among local shooters, as well as being picked up and sold by dealers such as Brownells, it was then that Upriser Arms was born.

Upriser Arms is now comprised of entrepreneurs, fabricators, Machinist, and a talented engineer. All of whom have a long time love of firearms and Shooting Sports. Upriser arms is geared toward long range, and competition shooters, and the products  that support them.

Upriser Arms will continue to focus on offering new and innovative products specifically designed to help the shooting sport enthusiast.

Our Philosophy

All components from the compression tips to the titanium rods to the urathane but pad, are made right here in the Upriser Arms facility.
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