Accurising Range Chassis
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Accurising Range Chassis

$ 1,999.00 USD
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Easily dial in your rifle on a rock-solid platform. It saves your shoulder, makes adjustments easy, and is built from precision, CNC-machined aluminum parts in the USA.

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The Accurising Range Chassis (ARC) System lets you easily and accurately test your firearm and different shooting variables. Rock-solid, it holds your firearm in precisely the same place through repeated firing, allowing you to make fine adjustments after each round.

It’s invaluable for:

  • Scope and sight setup
  • Scope leveling
  • Ring lapping
  • Precise sight-in
  • Load development
  • Chamber testing
  • Dope sheet building
  • Environmental calculations
  • Benchrest/precision shooting

The system can be used for almost any rifle; it uses interchangeable rifle receiver mounts for specific rifle models. If we don’t have one for yours, we can custom manufacture one for $49.00 more.

We have rifle receiver mounts for:

  • Remington 700 long action *REMINGTON plates fit all clones.
  • Remington 700 short action
  • Tikka Long action
  • Tikka Short action
  • Mauser M18
  • Savage
  • Winchester 70
  • Custom -- We’ll follow-up with you after purchase

Made in America

The A.R.C. System is built from military-grade aluminum. It’s made with all precision CNC-machined parts in America with American metal.

Additional Components

These additional parts allow you to do more with your ARC System.